She Take My Man Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
This chick is fooling getting up on my man’s face. I said Oh, no. You don’t getting up and flirting with him. This lady is fooling trying to be the perfect match. Just like the president wife with three beautiful children. Telling her to get off my man’s face or else. At the mall getting me an outfit. I wanna to supprise him with my dress. But instead he’s staring straight at her. What the h** man. Who are you looking at. The same girl is hitting on him. If he ugly she won’t mess with him then. Walking straight to her face. And tells her to back off. She laughs and gave me an crazy look. She said This isn’t over. I begins to shopping with my one and only guy. In the club with my man and friends. Order drinks and talking about funny days. My man said I be back. He gotta go to the bathroom. And waiting for him it been almost an hour. I talking the first crews. They said He left with another chick.


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