Riding Around The Bootleg Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Got the better car then Taxi. Taking me places without expenses cash. It’s simple on the cell phone. Give the driver a called. I need help to go clubs and shopping. Calling 1-800-BOOT-LEGS-SERVICE. People asking me for the same number. Here you go people. On my way to take little ones to school. Baby momma have no time to pick them up. Calling the boot leg ride for us four. With few bucks got me there and back. With no fussing and fighting. Got me shock with respectful words. Do my dances to the house. I know this driver making money. In the hood is where I’m from. It’s takes a while for Metro buses to arrive. Bootlegs is the way to be. Got to be on my way. Driving me everywhere to go. Seniors gets a ride to church. Others cabs staying on the lane. And waiting till it’s not break time. With news papers and cheese burger too. Call the bootleg for the ride straight home and anywhere else.


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