Pleasure On The Ocean Shore Read Count : 58

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Dancing around in the bottomless of sea. Fishes surrounded me like a mermaid. Princess on the nature under world paradise. Sing a song for myself. Not going away from the land where I’m from. Listen to the warrior with his sword. On his hand. There’s no need to worry about what’s brings tomorrow. Oh,yeah. Watching out from sea creatures in nightfalls. Got to beware of danger. Couldn’t stand those snatching fishes in the nets. Sailors gonna pay. So much stormy and thunder tears from God. We living the day where nature remains out coast. The only girl in sea world to remains in the land. Watching out from those boats and human beings. So much risks taking saftey where I’m from. A woman mermaid alone in the shore for myself.


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