One Fat Woman Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
She eating for a pig! Can’t controlling her weight gain! Too much stress marks on her skin! One ugly animal to dealing with! She used to be skinny and great!  Now fatting her self. Sister getting your act together! What about your heart my friend! How long do you got to servive! That fat is blocking that blood! I can’t stand an over weight cow too! On the Metro bus taking all the space! People yielding saying Their legs and stomach hurting! With the pound and body like this! She can’t breathe with many meats! Come on girl walk your way back home! You too huge to be man’s lady! Getting smash up for a pancakes! I can’t respect you with all that weight! You too big sitting next to me! Learn how to stand up on your two feet! Not a gentleman to fatting women! Hearing your voices miles away! Eating burgers and fries too! The world giant fat inside the jar!


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