Nasty Boy Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Getting wild and dirty babe. He under the table playing with my legs. Till my eyes starts rolling back. My friends wonder what’s wrong with me. Must be my baby under the diner table. Orgy smells floating around. Sorry girls it’s my boyfriend. Others people said You disgusting. I got needs to having him most of my time. Teasing and sex plays. Baby I horny for you. In the gas station pumping up some gas. My man gets naughty and grab my boobies. I drop my mouth and said Please don’t make a seen. He doesn’t care about the public place. Pulling up my skirt while trying to pump. Feeling his sick inside of me. Those seniors couples giving us an crazy looks. They calling us bad names and I stick my middle fingers up. While my man going crazy pounding me. We got busted about to go the jail. So we left the gas station on my man lap. And continue sex so more.


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