Making Sweetest Love Read Count : 62

Category : Songs

Sub Category : LoveSong
It’s nine o’clock getting ready for you babe. Headed straight into our master shower. Getting wet and cleaning to having the midnight loving. Watching you teasing into the sheets. Getting out on my way to you. Listen to your inner soul. My homo keeping runs in my mind. Getting inside our covers for the night. Begins kissing and licking your body. So much sounds coming from the rocking bed. Back and forth with your body ain’t yawning. Yes, orgy me for the night. Girl taking me into the moon. With no storming clouds putting me into sleep. Baby I’m ready for you. Lift you up against the wall. With so much excitement in our bedroom. In the paradise with honey on top. Turning you against the wall with pounding. There no running away tonight. Baby you mind till end of times. Taking you into the express of journey. You never having the greatest experience from me babe. Woo!


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