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Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Loving those girls from coast to coast. Can be bitter with sugar near by. Yellow mellow women in the land. Northern lights Korean hard city. All others chicks got classic for favors. Stay away from others plains. It’s time to pop that Cee-Cee side ways. So many Barbie’s with styles and care. Sitting on the bench watching their across our way. Baby girl do your thing. Making money for your prince. We can hang out in the clubs tonight. I your gentleman to treat you out. So much diamonds hidden your rose. Loving the blonde yellow hair color. True special doll face in the world. Same for all our kittys cats. And pretty bunny’s too. Don’t let haters putting you down. They just mad for giving up their love life. Crash those old picture of them. We got you my main woman. Shooting stars miles away in the paradise with temples and kingdom.


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