I’m A Hyper Baby Read Count : 20

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Born in the nature land filled with my friends. I maybe mix with an deer. Strong with my faith. My parents think I’m special kind of flower. The little child servive in future. In the world with paradise same for milk and honey. Watching out from enemies mis judges me. Thinking of myself how will I continue this road. Searching for an answer. Keys to my heart. I not giving a up kid to taking the down fall. Believing within my spirit and listen to the wind. Someday growing up to be the warrior like my mother. She is a deer queen that makes me her little princess. And dad shield us with protection when I was too young. Living surrounded with nature and trees been apart my life. Gather so much foods and gears for myself. We just like you all to and special.


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