He Cheating On His Woman Read Count : 73

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
The man been such a pain. Acting different in her face. With the lies he’s spreading among others. And he refuse to telling her the truth. She smelling something strong and nasty. That’s isn’t her older. With a mark on his neck. Makes her wanna knock him to his face. She don’t got time for his foolish. With the wise in his eyes. Are you playing minds games with her. Boy you need to step off. Talking all the games crap with your boys. And she listened to with their voices. Till his cell phone rings with an woman voice. I found out he’s cheating on her. Talking about going out with somebody else tonight. Oh, boy you need to explain yourself. With the cheating in your soul. What if you was in her shoes and she fooling around. With kisses and marks on her neck and face. Boy, you need to understand the wrong you causing. Their relationship is doomed and about to end.


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