Fire In My Eyes Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Sitting in my house watching the movie. Till I notices and forgot the oven. Smoke begins to rising in the kitchen. I rushing to turn off the heat. Bad part the fire burns my face. I begins to screaming of terror. Trying to reach for my telephone. Forgot it’s up on the wall. Without the help. Fire getting bigger. Used the water to get the heat out. It’s got worse and still hurting me really bad. Can’t go up the stairs. The fire rushing higher. I just crawling my way out. The walls falling down from the ceiling. I begins to panic and scream for help. Ain’t nobody to rescue me. My vision disappears due to flame. Can’t see a thing. Just got to find my way out. The hot temperature fire the whole place. I so glad my kids not at home. My stove been a problem over the years. My skin filled of black mist. And hair burning off. It’s hurts really bad. Neighbors finally notices the fire. I should turning my oven off.


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