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Heart that opens its window to feel the wind in air,actions unchecked, emotions kept quite,feelings confused by definitions and a lot of pretend.
Handed down life lived lessons hold a key to unlock some wisdom but so few can reach or even see.
What a pity to be me!

Tears cried some yours most mine fill the river a mile wide 700miles long that hold no life just left for all that's felt or has been felt lost drowned unsure of when it got out.
Wasting days unable to understand the world go by what you feel others will differ but they are not you!
Light a torch walk the path stand at the fork confused as to the turn most refuse to make lost in the wind darkness all around leaving no room for shadows to guide anyone out. If the heart says pleasure you feel it without question dirty the thoughts keep scratching and itching to clear it off who cares to explain fact provoking what's imagined we are left to group for fighting loneliness that brings terror to our souls but not one of us walking the same projected direction.


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