Everything Falls Read Count : 12

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
When the storm of thunder rumbles. Nothing has strike the ground. Just an ordinary glass from the sky from heaven. God accidentally misplace the forces. Instead no broken glass. Without the pieces left on the street. Just an electric shocking sound. In school doing my work. Staring hard at the beautiful girl. On till got push by the bully. I falling over my desk without an broken objects. And damage books too. With an shocking on my face. I am glad my neck didn’t snap. The girl left her bully brother to my heart. With a kiss on my cheek. I got popular kids shocking what they seeing. While he walking away from her. With an banana slide him into the trash can. With laughs in the hallway. Still getting chase down by school bully. On the bus with crowded seats. Can’t wait to arrive home. But the driver slams on his breaks. Continue to walk my way inside my house.


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