Dancing To The Beat Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
In the bar listen to my man. On till hearing so many sounds. Plates starts to banging as where those bottles. Cans making a funny sounds. Turning on the radio and dancing on the floor. Got music to my ears. And my man starts to sing. Many people playing pool table. Watching news on tv after the game. I still hears the beats from my ears. While my man talking to his friends. In the bar getting on the table with an girl. Show these guys what a woman can do. Getting down with the beat. And dancing all night long. Playing my music with the cans. While the groups making sounds. Music sounds into my soul. The bar is pack with many people. My man was the drummer. So much beats to making music with our mouths. Dancing with sweats on my body. Turning the air conditioning on due to heat outside. Not going home without my beats.


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