Cartoons Taking Over Read Count : 60

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Watching my favorite funny movies. What is like to be in cartoons land. Filled with funny cartoons on the streets. So much bongs and smashing in the place. Till one night I falling fast to sleep. That’s no ordinary shooting stars in our skies. Everybody trying to run. Others notices the difference in the planet. I take a bath in the morning. Hearing Pokey the pig singing. I open my cloating and screaming at him. Same for pig too. All bubbles in the sky floating around. I running out and close my bathroom door. What the hack is going on around here. Staring at Marge Simpson and got chase by the dog. I can’t believe the world change into colors. Till I saw something odd last night. The shooting stars crashing down into our cities. Walking  to my best friend house. He running away from the witch. She got a bloom stick with magic dust. Cartoons worm is created by the star.


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