Monster In Our Trash Can Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
When I walk outside to take my trash out. I notice a weird sound making so much noise. Neighbors kids keeps running back in their parents house. And I drop my smile and saw the biggest hands. I throwing the trash across the street. And ran back into my house. At night the moon is full that same monster grab some pizza. From the box been on ground. Bullies taking pictures and running. That angry monster shaking the can. Trying to get out and attack. Mr. Frank walking with his dog. When little pet got to used the bathroom. When his dog to close and hearing her then he ran. That man wonder where his dog goes. Looking in the trash can. Monster grab him and shut the can. With screams of blood on the side of can. I closing my coating really quick. In the morning about to go the work. Got inside my car that same monster give  me a figure.


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