Jungle Booty Read Count : 14

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Got a main chick with topical. Looking thick for a juicy woman. Not that skinny with no ass. In the beach for a model. Shake that butt all over the ground. Miss new paradise Missy Eve. Pouring coconuts juice on your skin. Let old pas suck that ass. Longer hair we don’t care. In the serial killer island. We boys got needs between those leaves. Same for tribes and village brothers. Do the spits on the ground. Shake those hips like Hawaii women. Sitting back and smoking weed. Enjoy my beautiful queens. In the club order me some lobsters. That woman a deep freak. Dip that butter with the lobster. Suck the shot outer those legs. Nasty woman with an orgy history. With big ass lips size for a duck. Doing many touges tricks in front of me. I drop my mouth wanna unzip the pant. Mourning hard from your ass.


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