Kissing A Frog Is The Nightmare Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
That funny animal giving me a stare. Big can be as the bull frog. Laughing with a fly in his mouth. Got to picture myself as a bribe. Shaking my head and giving him a smooch. Till the kiss gives me a dream. Rubbing my eyes and saw the funny man. Once’s was little turning into the world ugly. He smiling big with dambles and funny teeth. Fat can be and jack orange hair. I said Sir, You got the wrong idea! And he shake his head. Begins to kissing me. I trying to run and hide. It’s too late someone prince is a curse. The little girl picture the frog normal animal. Not a man that turns into ugly prince. Can’t believe he won’t leave me alone. So I given him many flies for exchange. He aspect that amount but and lie to keep me from escape. I got to hook him up with the princess. Or I be stuck with a nude. But the frog said I choose you. Just got marry and not as happily ever after.


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