If You Want Me Read Count : 51

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Watching you walking with your friends. In summer time the place to be at. Smiling and flirting stares at long hair and don’t care. Do you want to hang out tonight. I know you styling with sexy clothes. With beauty from the blessing. Take you to the place you’re never been. Getting ready for the club is crunking. I’m ready for the night. Wearing my silky outfit and hair cut. Hearing my cell phone ringing. It’s the same woman I about to take out. Can’t wait to see what she wearing. It’s night time clears skies. Hop in my sun roof car. On my way to woman house. She looking good with the glittery dress. Getting ready for the clubbing. I got a supprise for you. Headed to the spotlight club. Dancing with my woman. About to headed to the V.I.P.


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