Hate That Rat Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Why got to be a snatch in the block. Putting others brothers into jail cells. Laughing at home and watching the news. Telling the world what’s he saw. Too many people wants his head. Inside the court house pointing figures. While others sitting inside the room waiting to be call for the judge. Even thief’s gets caught red handed. Trying stealing money and diamonds. The same person calling the cops. With his information and camcorder video. That guy keeps telling on those crooks. And making money on the wanted list. Got the murders headed into prison. Even bad a** kids gets caught too. For stealing snacks out of stores. On the block playing basketball with his best friends. Seeing car chasing down with many drunks. Pick up the phone and dial 911. So many officers chasing down those teens. No matter where you go . He will snatch on you all.


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