Don’t Trust Death Read Count : 18

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Sitting next to the shadow with my knife to your own throat! The spirit whispered into your ears! He said All you got to do is killed yourself! Weapons or your own life! It’s your choice to make a decision! I sitting on the ground with a knife in my hand! Stabbed one time to my chest! With ease from the pain! Till I waking up in after life is hell! In the kitchen she cooking up poison! So much cleaners and breaches together! The same shadow grab the lunch and eating fresh while bread is mole! Staring threw the dark side of the wall! When the death is touching her neck! Come on taste the delightful meal! With the shadow over floating around her! She drinking a slip of the poison! Falling to the floor! With eyes open she foamed poison! Her breath just stop the rest of her way! Don’t let death robbing your soul! You are important to be alive!


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