Call Me Candy Read Count : 58

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Dye my hair yellow and orange. Smelling like cotton candy. Baby I want you to meet me tonight. Rocking my short dress outfit with the high heels. Getting ready for you. Walking straight to your house for the night. Baba. Getting ready for round one only with you. Others whispers from those guys. I said I got a man. Some don’t even gives a crap. Others women looking at me crazy and they do the same too. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Continue the way to my boyfriend house. And looking good for him. When I finally got there he’s smiles. Jump up on him with many kisses. My man enjoying the flirting. Visit in his house playing role games. I ready to getting nasty. That’s why I’m candy. And he’s my carmel kind of guy. Don’t need no one but you.


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