Bad Ass Kids Read Count : 64

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Sub Category : Rap
This boy stealing some money outer the store. Without getting caught by the owner. I shake my head and said Man, that kid needs to go the jail. Same kid stick his middle finger up and said Fuck off! I was going to whoop his ass. But that’s not my child. I refuse to baby sitting and having worse children. With an attitude for a demon. I will snap and going to jail rising my children like that. Teenagers girls is out for the night. Disguiced as adults going to the club. I drop my mouth and said Oh, hell na!!! That girl is nuts with a dress too short. The grown man flirting with a kid and fake I.D. With her wink to me. I said Go home kid. She said Do you wanna dance. I said Where your momma at! She laughing and said None of my business. I got the security guards to get these kids out the bar. They shouting and screaming at me. I didn’t giving a dam if they their bad asses to jail.


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