Walking And Flip Around In Outerspace Read Count : 51

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Travel outerspace alone with my self. Get a suit to keep me safe to breathe on the inside. So much colors over the glaxey. Yeah. Purple, pink, blue and red with stars in the sky. What’s that alien creator little circle like a ball. My favorite when he shallow the stone. On till there was lighten bug flying out his mouth. I catch one and it shock me like a flash. In the spaceship travel to Miky Way. Watching out for the great sun. And black hole isn’t safe. Looking at so many stars from the sky. Just like creator from heaven given me a special shine. Looking at my main home. The planet earth is where I from. Seeing many other spaceships travel alone very far. If there was a twin I will be shock to see another me.


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