Underground Maze To Nowhere Read Count : 51

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
In the bottomless pit fill with wonders. Figure out where to escape from the inside. The only man with confusing. Just like the book as a little boy. Continue walking around seeing nothing but any seats. Trying to find the short cut way. There’s no clue to solve this problem. On my way to the dead end. Feeling like a little mouse with no where outer this spot. Searching for the cheese in the center. Going into circle the maze not a place for me. Started to running into another side. Still seeing no doors around. Got my knees with an shouting. Acting like a boy wants some snacks. Till the sun begins to setting. The glow on my skin turning blue. Drop my mouth and wonder what is that. Away of light to shine my way. Continue on walking the trails to freedom. Still a longer way to get home. The maze is a research for those who wanna get lost.


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