Take My Time Busy In The Morning Read Count : 51

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Sub Category : R&B/soul
Busy at work in the moring. Can’t chick chat on the phone with my friends. So much papers all over my desk. Getting orders from the staff worker. Can’t go to sleep around six in the darkness. So much breeze in the small building. Got me an egg , bacon wrap sandwich. Yogurt lime smoothie too. Got a letter from the mail. About to kick his butt. Child support money to be paid. And said Take as much not the whole funds. Too busy counting all the tabs. And listen to the O’Jays. I can’t go home and calling my children. I be too stone out. So I working so hard. I got too much plates on my shoulders. Making money to live and support. Can’t quit my morning job. Getting an hour lunch break. Seeing my children weaving and smiles. I don’t have time to say anything. My boss not a nice lady. Got to make my money for service.


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