Quantine Keeps Us In Due To The Outbreak Read Count : 37

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Stuck in the house. Can’t go to work. My children home from school. Due to outbreak. I hope there’s a cure for everybody. I too scare leaving my home. Emergency outcast in the streets. People starts to panic and wondering what’s going on. A friendly country called China just got strike with a virus. I drop my mouth and seal up the windows. People begins to shouting on news tv. Soldiers blocking the boarders from traveling. I getting on my knees and hope to see another day. The town and cities are empty from the outbreak. I looking on my computer and notices the numbers counting. It’s so sad germs keeps spreading all over the countries. Families losing hopes and their animals too. Little children are sick from an enemy. At home breaching my house. Sense so much sadness and grief. People are dying in the streets.


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