Peaches Skies, In The Even Noisy Day Read Count : 59

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Living in the city the peach, pink paradise. The skies so lovely with birds flying passing by. Looking out my window in the tall building. Notices the sun about to set. So much colors in the sky peaches frost on my window. Listen to the radio about to headed home. I know the traffic ain’t nice. On Monday busy even. Sitting outside with my friends. Singing a song and children playing with their toys. Parents drives home from work. I know what’s like to be stress out sometimes. I looking up the sky. Peach color with fountain to make a wish for the color continue. It maybe night time. Too sleepy during the falling. When I wake up on in the morning. The whole world filled with pink and happiness. Watching flowers floating pass by home. Getting ready to start my day.


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