Old Banded Knees Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
In the bad neighborhood use to be a wonderful place to live. On till that forward day when couples got gun down at night. It’s a shame that place got a history. With gun shots out at times. Can’t control the otherside of the place. Where people living everyday. Take a walk to the dark side. So shame the place is run down. People refuse to moving in due to murders and crime scene. Taking the sneak peek from the hole. The building been boarded up. Can’t tell if it’s haunted with visible screams from the room. Looking at the signs said No trespassing. The clouds getting gloomy each and everyday. One said House for family having a life. Keeps getting killed by many problems. I refuse to rent a place with my room mate. So much outer control spirits racked the whole place. Sitting by my boy house talking about building that no longer open.


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