Miss Ugly With Bad Skin Read Count : 54

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Who you think you are to called me ugly. With some many people around you and fame. I don’t  know what you thinking boy. With mix and match personality. Trying to shake my hands ontill one biggest word. People stop and laughing at me with imperfect skin tone. In the V.I.P getting my poster sign. The same person with his crew. I finally got my pen. He gives me an unwelcome look. I said Whoa, dude I not flirting. Just a sign for myself as a fan. He laugh and sign anyway. On till I saw the word UGLY. I drop my mouth and throw the cup of water at him. He gots angry and I said Look yourself in the mirror. Walk away with my head up high. I may not be perfect but still a star. Sitting alone and waiting for the Taxi. That same star shines with his limousine. I shake my head with down cast. I stick my middle finger out and said You ugly too.


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