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Sub Category : R&B/soul
Waking up in the morning cleaning up myself. Notices the clothes all over my basket with nasty underwear brown stains. Rushing to putting on my clothes and getting ready to washing clothes. Got my breach and soap power too. Show the world what man can do. Putting all the dirty clothes in bag. And on my way down the street. Good news ain’t nobody blocking those washing machines. Only few people washing their clothes. Seeing little kids playing around with the carts. With their mom washing all their clothes. She only Useding breach and a special bar of soap. Too provent their skins breaking out of rash. While I placing the breach and both washer same with soap powder on the side. The machine cost me two dollars and fifty cents. I wish that was cheaper then too much. While the clothes is washing and spinning. I place all my clothes in both dryers with sheets. After my clothes gots dry I places my clothes on table to fold.


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