If You Want Some Come And Get It Read Count : 18

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
The biggest monster pushing people over. Running threw your yard with my car. Throwing trash cans in the streets. Welcome to the new horror. No longer friendly in this world. So much damage going on in the city. The new kid on my block. About to turn your life into a nightmare. Hangin around in the block. In the projects where I’m from. Chasing police out of the city. Hang low before gets shot. Don’t need no more rightful foes. We want revenge what happened to the blessing. Turning good kids into bad. Busting windows and breaking in stores. So much money on the table for the crooks owner the building. No lights to shine over our heads. Plain darkness in the alley. Don’t like haters talking shit. Blow their fucking mouth open with a bomb. In the year 20’s the nightmare gerenation. Filled with evil wildness things. So much murders outer controls.


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