Holding On To You Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : LoveSong
Baby not leaving me in the middle of the night fron my home. The snow is coming down from outside. And clouds winter away. Holding him type with me. Without him going away to home alone. So glad he not going any where soon. Kissing his lips and laying on top. The sun will rising soon. Getting my morning rest. After having a good sex. Lift me up the ground. Carry me into the bedroom. Never having a good man into my life. Our clothes are everywhere on the floor. Music plays jazz for the night. Just like two peas and the pie. Not letting go. Oh, no. When the sun is rising seeing him saying Good morning. With hug and kisses. Smiles over floating in my heart with birds in the air. Feeling like we in paradise. My baby don’t having to work today.


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