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Playing the video games everyday. Unemployed without an check. I am one person program with S.S.I money. Sitting in the living room playing my games. Don’t having time to go out and enjoy my days. About to playing soccer games alone without my friends. Getting ready for Mexico goals. Round rainy days can’t go out at nights. Got my food in the oven I am tv dinner man. Don’t like to cook filled amount of dinner for myself. Getting ready to playing my blocks game. Against another person. Before the games begins I got my tv dinner out. Set my tray front of me with beer and meal. And getting ready to playing my game. At night before going to sleep. About to playing the game. Shooting game with zombies or war zone. That’s what’s up. Don’t have to go in work. Only leaving the house to pay my rent. In the morning waking up doing the some thing.


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