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Asking for just one last dances. I know it’s werid within my heart. I reading a story about father and daughter. Going to the ball like Cinderella. Around night time sitting outside and thinking. Talking to my mother. She said it’s normal part our family culture. Go ahead if you wish in your heart. My brother laughing with jokes. He said You about to make a mistake. I didn’t believe that part. On till notices it’s true. I didn’t care what he’s says. The biggest mistake messing around. On my way to the dances. Got my hair done and white plain dress. My father holding the box. I got a feeling it’s a ring from our grandma. We both got white with flower. Just like a prom date. Celebrate this moment. Kiss on the cheeks sensitive calm. Walking together holding hands. And getting marry by the chapel. In the purity dances.


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