Cats Running The Law Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Big cats chasing crimes everyday in those cars. As the human wanted to know. What kind of planet is this. Baby kittens in play pens wearing pampers and playing with toys. Getting chase down by cat officer. Bigger can be with a meanie look. Wanna know who I am and what the hack is I wearing skin. The man wanna going on home. But got stuck inside a pot hole. I in up on the land with cats ruling the world just like us. Walking to the restaurant got Mc Donald with an cat face. I rubbing my eyes and said What kind of Donald’s been mark by. All the meals I eating when I was a kid. Got the same meal with an cat face. Little boy keeps looking at me. While his dad order that kid meal with his soda. Now it’s my turn. To getting me a Big Mac meal. Instead he said Humans not allow.


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