Barbie Got It Made Read Count : 46

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Very popular in the doll house. Living large with a mansion. With my car. Got a boyfriend name is Ken. Dark hair that’s what’s up. Going to the mall looking fabulous. Sparking of gold, white and sliver. Others girls wants to hang with Bratz. That’s not me I’m barbie bitch. Going to the club tonight. Got my hair done in the solan. Choose the up dude hair style with curls. Buying me a cute heels and outfit. Leaving my little baby pooch at home alone. She ok with food and water. Driving to the club with my friends. While my man is busy at work. Taking sofie pictures of us all. Looking good for the night. I not forgetting my boyfriend at all. In the club just like paradise. D.J got the music going. Headed to the V.I.P and order drinks grape juice with vodka. Continue enjoy the music not leaving till early dawn.


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