Friends With Benefits Read Count : 8

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Hey baby wanna get a man like me. Taking you on the spin in life time. With an figure cross from my back. Didn’t telling her I’m a gold digger. I need some money baby to start the business. And be your puppy doll. Seeing new car on tv. I dropping my mouth. I said Baby I need you to buy me the nice brand new car. She laughs and said In your dreams. I got so angry and storm out her house. My friend runs and hand me some money. With an smile I got me the ride. Giving her hugs and making out. I got a friend that will taking care of me. She not my wife to be. Just support to getting me around. At home and smile on the telephone. My best friend is sweet for an angel. When days goes by or I needed to going out. She hook me up with cash money. I feeling like a gold mine. With so much dollars signs blanking threw my eyes.


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