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Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Staring very hard while I sleep. Same for ghosts in my bedroom. Can’t rest with him or alone. So much eyes is looking at me. Got to put my sleepy mask on his face. Can’t stand the looks from the person face. In restaurant flipping burgers with my friend. Sense someone else looking at me. I said What you looking at! He laughs and walking away. I can’t stand the person eyes . Looking at the otherside. And leaving me alone. The same eyes ain’t no joke. Keeping on staring hard. You not a stature. At home with my family about to eating dinner. After passing the plates. My little brother making funny faces and sister looking at my head. Here goes that look again. I said Mom this girl won’t stop staring at me. And she keeps looking at my forehead. Can’t stand people eyes on me all the time. Stare at something else.


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