Data Under Control Like The Law Maker Read Count : 38

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Sub Category : Rap
Now days people used their cell phones and computers. With so much plans to keep minutes active. On till one day the private message. Giving all the newer shocking. Can’t believe in my eyes everything is lawful. Just like the games you buy and free. It’s really sucks a plan I didn’t sign. We all got to agree those terms and conditions. Or remain in the main groups. Turning our devices back after all these years. Media knows they not alone. The systems under control by a government. People worry about scams and tracking systems. With information gets sale by companies we don’t knows about. So much price getting very intense with bills. On till the banks money is gone from the plan. There must be a virus inside our devices. Or hidden rules with money crash. Some people still buying expensive things. Becareful friends ain’t all phones and computers good now days. So much brain wash on those brands. With money going to their pockets.


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