Can’t Go Back To Where We Started Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Let’s moving forthward my friends. Can’t correct the pass mistake. What we did at the party. Got so drunk and picking the fight. Accidentally killed the band mate. Now the police asking us questions all over again. This the new day to forget the past. Don’t telling the truth or we are a goner. We writing the changing want to make this year. Only thinking about that day. My friend got a hangover with all the booze. Keeps going back and forth to the bathroom. We playing off last night terror. Wanna to know who stabbed the boy in his chest. News on tv talking about the party. My second friend starts to shaking. And we trying to telling her to play it off. Or we all into trouble for bury his body. All she got to said I was chatting. But I’m afriad the truth will be reveal. I will travel to Mexico till things comes down.


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