Babies Born In U.S.A Read Count : 45

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Sub Category : Childrens
Women in delivery rooms. About to giving birth an American dream. Their newborns arrive on earth rightful time. Parents got their charm. With an birds blessing star. And a smile to put happiness on family faces. Baby first life in the U.S.A. Little ones special birthdays. So much shower and suppries. Many gifts just like Jesus Christ. Mom holding her stomach. When baby grows fast just like the main bubbles. Holidays is baby suppries. Rather New Years and others we all know. Baby first Birthday. Mom trying to eat but her water broke. That baby did that. So much pressure and cramps moms going threw. Their baby here to stay. When the right time baby knows momma best. Some mothers nature birth. Or wanna be seen on tv. With baby about to be born into the world.


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