90’s The Throw Back Way Read Count : 10

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Going back to the time with beginning jordan on my feet. Hangin with my homies and eating mike’s chips. While listen to the old skool rap with the crews. Getting down with the ladies seeing daisy dukes shorts. And little kids playing outside the streets with their friends. Welcome folks to the ninety’s the throw back days. Do my main man Michael Jackson dances to remember  the time. Breaking all the rules in those stores. Traveling around in summer for family reunion. The sun shades all over the world. Driving slow on the road from the police. We styling our hairs and clothes. People looking us crazy and we don’t even care. This is the day to getting wild out for the night. Don’t wanna go farther up into mix generations. Watching my throw back movies when I was a kid. Laughing and smoking alone on my couch. Ice cream truck got my favorite shark popsicle. Refuse wearing Payless shoes at my job.


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