Busted In Our Bedroom Read Count : 37

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Sub Category : R&B/soul
I got home from work. What a busy day it has been. Hope my honey fixing dinner for  little ones getting ready to eat. I calling my wife on my cell phone. And the phone just keeping on ringing. I shaking my head wondering what’s going on. Talking to my kids. Till they in grandma house. On my way home from work. Just a traffic jammed. The sun begins to setting in front of me. I wonder what’s she doing. Today not the weekend for our children to leave. And this woman not picking up the telephone. She needs to understand I a working hard man. It’s ok to care and cleaning up our house. Baby what’s the used to love me for. If no connection with us together. Finally got home from work. The house not cleaning at all. I sense something going on in the bedroom. That leaves a scar on the man’s heart. I telling her it’s over and about to file divorce. And get ready our children coming with me.


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