Crazy Woman Making Weird Sounds Read Count : 33

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
In the store with my kids! Picking their clothes for school to wear!  On till this mourning sound like sex! Giving everybody a strange look! My child wonder what’s wrong with her! Touching her body thinhking about a man! I grab my two kids out the store and driving somewhere else due to that! The teenagers boys smiles with a clock! In the resturant with my case worker! Having meeting about the park! With a print to building new community and schools! Till that same woman enter in ! Staring at my boss for some gold! Making that same old sound! And dripping liquid on her skirt! Some frowns and shocks that lady is horny! Trying to forces on our task! I about to go nuts if she won’t leave our boss alone! In the bowling with my husband and friends! Keeping score on the ground with many points! That same girl walking pass by! She flirting and mouring hard! Girl needs to wake up! And see the main problem!


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