Dude Stole My Prayers Read Count : 56

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Sub Category : Pop
Sitting in church with my hands together. Till this blonde hair man sitting next to me. With an same hands too. I wanted to know is he mocking me. While I begins to say my prayers. Hearing the same words from his mouth. I got angry and push him to the side. Others people staring at me wrong. I don’t like to be mock by other people.It’s very rude. Paster said it’s ok to pray. But not attacking other people. I was afraid he will stealing my blessing. What if it’s important for my mother. And he mocking me so much. I went to another seat alone. And don’t  want to be borther. While he’s looking at me crazy. And talking to his friends. I have to calm myself. When church is over I got on my cell phone. Let my friends know about this dude. They said He’s an a** h**and that’s not nice to mocking others. With no rude around me filled with good spirit.


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