Everything Is Different Around Me Read Count : 54

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Sub Category : Rap
The generation made not change a thing. Sense many newer faces and it’s feels strange. Laying in my bed watching my shows. The voices from miles apart not the same anymore. Wonder is there a newer planet I never been too. Waking up in the morning and looking out my window. Seeing new styles just like the end of 90’s. This feels odd to be around people with different personalities. With newer words I never hear in my life. Even doe I sitting by the bus stop. Wondering is this the future. I know it’s not the country. Missing my past the way it used to be. When family together and same with friends. Now got to moving on and never giving up. The future is awaken me. But still so different. What’s happen to us all. I know we’re grown and there’s no turning back. It’s change my attitude. What are we in today around 2022.


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