Flying Like The Peter Pan Read Count : 40

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
With the portion to flying in the air. Little kid got wings for a bird. My mother and dad sometimes knows it’s special. Even my dog Spot running and barking. Flying up in the sky with my ball cap. And the cap for the super hero. Travel alone by myself. People dropping their mouths in air plane. I laughing and continue flying. Not going near a storm. That grey clouds is gloomy at the otherside. I flying on down just for that day. Bring my dog to the house before rainy pouring down. And telling my parents about the storm in otherside. With a power like this for a super boy. Can’t wait to go outside again. Staying in for the night. In the morning waking up out of my bed. Rushing to putting on my clothes and going back outside. While mom making breakfast in the morning. Continue to fly up to the sky with the cool view. Going across towns.


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