Funky Turkey Read Count : 50

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Sub Category : Childrens
On the fall greatest holiday. For everybody to celebrate Thanksgiving. Getting ready to cook the biggest dinner. And those can’t get enough meals continue eating sandwich and chips. Family coming over and children begins to dances. Wobble your head back and forth little ones. Fly your arms like a wings. Spinning around and do the turkey dances. On the day when people giving thanks. Music plays in the living room. While mother and grandma is cooking. This the day to remember pilgrims and Indians shared meals together on November. The food smelling so good in the house. Even cats and dogs can’t wait to eat with us. Dancing in the living room. While fathers and brothers watching football. The parade was on this morning. Listen to those singers and balloons floating in New York City. Others people BBQ their turkey in their grills. Today is our feast day. Hope our family joyful last forever. Happy…Thanksgiving…


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