God Create Me Read Count : 9

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Before reaching to my mother womb. God creating the human being. With so many pieces and connections. Same with those bones. In the universe filled with stars. Got so many spirits about to be boarded. Inside the womb from a woman. That’s the mother I will know. Father knows how to remove the sadness. Just like a machine of the robot to be build. In the factory filled with devices. Only in the room filled with bones and others sources. God getting ready to put me into pieces. I hope everything is perfect. While mom on earth looking at the pregnancy test. Dad at work building the wooden crib for his very first child. The ball is big for a bubble to be ready for me to enter. Others spirits laughing and frowns about to exit soon. Father building a human with many forms. Every nations is where humans remains. Parents first child God Create.


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