Hood Cow Boy In The Ghetto Read Count : 13

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Got my dog pitbull on the block. Sitting next to the corner store. Watching people laughing and stares. These kids got to understand and this is the brand new country. With blue jeans pants, hat and boots. Chewing twister for a stick. On the summer hot days in mid’s 90’s. Smoking trees in the field. Getting chase by Indians with their arrows. For stealing some woods for smokes in tobacco. The project is where I’m from. Taxes ranger suppose to be. Hangin with my cow crews believing in the wild wild west. Got my mustard as super Mario bros. Drinking apple moon shine with hillbillies. Till buck wild drags me into hell. In the club on Mondays. Others people staring at me crazy. I the only black man in the club. Getting pick on by those biker boys. My others forks came to my rescue. With guns shots ready to go the bowl. Others people running and escape.


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